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Seungmin Cha, a Daegeum player, has established one-man band using voice, Daegeum (Korean traditional flute), and spatial effects and loop machine, etc. Within a structure, she utilizes acoustic instrumental playing, layering, and noise making in impromptu manner to consciously reach for unconscious state.    … Read More


SosoJudam(小小奏談) literally means Le Petit Chose or a trivial conversation. Since Daegeum artist Seungmin Cha and Gayageum artist Yeonkyeong Oh have been performing together since 2009, they’re always trying to merge poetry and music gradually and beautifully. Sosojudam is a deep inner conversation between two… Read More

Alleyway Fantasy (2015)

Shiro (詩路, “Poetic road”)Second Album “Alleyway Fantasy “  Shiro has been writing music with beautiful poems to find exciting combination ofmusic and literature. After 4 years since their 1st album, “What flowerwants to say”, they release their 2ndalbum, “Alleyway Fantasy.” Seungmin Cha (leader and Daegum)… Read More

What flowers wants to say (2011)

Seungmin Cha made her debut in 2009 at Chunchamanbyul concert with her group Project Shiro, which seeks to bring music and literature together by creating songs with beautiful poetry. “What flower wants to say” is her first album released in 2011.

JANYA (2011)

In Sanskrit, JANYA means to be born, while in Korean, JANYA means around dawn. JANYA was created by four unique musicians— all derived from Korean descent and all women. The music is a fusion of East and West. The East: Seungmin Cha- Daegeum, Eun Sun… Read More