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NYC archive_Trip in progress (2017)

It’s always great to play with wonderful musicians and dancers in NYC! 20170926_Seungmin Cha x Miyoko Satoh My improvisation set with a healer, singing bawl artist Miyoko Satoh was full of stillness, healing and brightness. It was a real meditation indeed. We were in somewhere… Read More

Seungmin Cha x Yeonkyeong Oh : SOSOJUDAM (2016)

Premiered in 23-24 Nov. 2016, SosoJudam(小小奏談) literally means Le Petit Chose or a trivial conversation. Since Daegeum artist Seungmin Cha and Gayageum artist Yeonkyeong Oh have been performing together since 2009, they’re always trying to merge poetry and music gradually and beautifully. Sosojudam is a… Read More

Shiro : Alleyway Fantasy (2014-2015)

Shiro means ‘poetic road’ or ‘through poetry’, seeking to “make music out of poetry” to find a harmony between music and literature. Shiro not only writes songs in style of Jung-ga and Min-yo (Korean Traditional Singing Music), it also showcases improvisational and experimental instrumental music… Read More

Sumuk Garden (2013)

Seungmin Cha in Sumuk* Garden  premiered in 2013  Synopsis :   Daegeum performer and composer Seungmin Cha had long wished to compose   music to Seoknam Jang’s series of poems, “Sumuk Garden.” However, after a three-year struggle in finding from within the right music for… Read More

Artist in residence NYC (2010-2011)

December 17th, 2010 Roulette, NYC Beonjim-Spreading Out Composed by Seungmin Cha Daegeum : Seungmin Cha | Koto : Akiko Sasaki | Vocal : Kyoko Kitamura While living in New York I met by chance the pianist and koto player, Akiko Sasaki.  The second time I… Read More

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