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Seungmin Cha, a Daegeum player, has established one-man band using voice, Daegeum (Korean traditional flute), and spatial effects and loop machine, etc. Within a structure, she utilizes acoustic instrumental playing, layering, and noise making in impromptu manner to consciously reach for unconscious state.    … Read More

Eye gate (2017) : World Premiere

Eye Gate live video Full length ver. Eye Gate live video Short length ver. My first Daegeum solo project ‘Eye Gate’ has finally premiered on December 6th – 7th in 2017. Collaborated with visual artist Seonguk Lee. Eye gate (눈문, Augentor, Augatora) is an entrance… Read More

Daegeum Sanjo(2015 & 2010)

Yongseok Seo School Daegeum Sanjo full length version Yongseok Seo School Daegeum Sanjo – performed by Seungmin Cha on Dec.17th, 2015 – accompany Janggo by Woonjung Sim Sanjo is a genre of folk music based on “heoteun garak (scattered melodies)” which pairs a melodic instrumentalist… Read More

Eye gate (2017) : Work in progress

Seungmin Cha is on her new solo project ‘Eye gate’ collaborating with visual art director Sunguk Lee. Eye gate will be premiered on 6th-7th, December, 2017. This project is sponsored by Seoul City, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Arts Council Korea